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Art: Myself In Dots

Pointillism (a post-impressionist school of painting exemplified by Georges Seurat and his followers in late 19th-century France characterized by the application of paint in small dots and brush strokes) has always been a passion of mine and I have been doing various pointillism works since 2004. Instead of paint, I used a .05 fine tipped pen. This particular self portrait took about 6 weeks to complete, the hair being the most painstaking part, because of the precise position of each dot and the layering/pressure needed to create the different shades. It takes a lot of patience but it is a fun way to pass the time, give it a try!

Close Up Look

* This artwork was published in Red Skies - Salem State University’s Online Magazine. Check it out.

6 thoughts on “Art: Myself In Dots

    • Thanks! I love the cross-hatching method but using dots seem more cleaner to me. If I am doing landscapes, I use the cross hatching but when doing a portrait, I’m all about the dots =)

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  2. Ahh, somebody else who finds enjoyment of patiently, quietly, dotting, a bit of music in th background … I lose myself in it. I need to get back to my art …

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