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Myself in Dots, Again

Ah Pointillism, my friend and my enemy. I have started up again doing another self portrait. The first thing I always to is the eyes, I am not sure why. I start with the pupils then go out, gradually moving to the eyebrows and lower shadowing. Then I move on to the nose. Doing dots in the same place gets boring so I will branch out and do shadowing on the face. If I am feeling very bold, I start on the hair. Usually the last thing I will touch is the lips, I generally like to get the shades down for the whole face before I attempt dotting the lips. Hopefully I will have this piece done by the end of May. Wish me luck! (to see other art works I have done, including my other pointillism portrait, visit my art page)

One thought on “Myself in Dots, Again

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